2013 Legend Leadership Award Winner Madeline Van Ert

Madeline has never had a lack of motivation to volunteer. This high school senior from Rochester, MN is head-over-heels passionate about community service.

Now, thanks to the program developed by Van Ert, students will be able to earn a Varsity Letter for their community service. Through partnering with the schools, and the United Way, she was able to create a plan where students can obtain a “Varsity Letter” in Community Service after completing all the requirements needed to earn this award status. Some of the requirements are: 145 hours of community service, 50 hours of non-school related volunteering, must have at least 1 school related activity and meet the “Students in Good Standings” qualifications required by the school. Many have taken the challenge and now proudly wear the varsity letter that they have earned.

Madeline seems to be deeply committed to youth in the community. She has a unique way of coming up with ideas that not only bring people together, but that also benefit everyone involved. Her passion and tenacity are a true inspiration and it appears to be a positive example that others will follow.

The Dale Earnhardt Foundation supports those who show good leadership skills along with creative ideas that will positively effect and benefit others in our world. We are proud to announce Madeline Van Ert as our 2013 Legend Leadership Award Winner.

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